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The powerful execution management system

Refinitiv REDI EMS

Simplify your workflow to trade smarter and faster with REDI EMS - the broker-neutral, multi-asset execution management system that can give you a competitive edge.

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Why choose Refinitiv REDI EMS?

Trade smarter, faster, and safer while moving through the trade lifecycle and keeping your costs low. REDI EMS helps you manage your trades via a single platform that works in combination with our full suite of trading products. You can trade equities, futures and options with major brokers, globally, on this award-winning execution management system.

You no longer need numerous systems with multiple logins to manage your trades. One single point of entry will let you execute orders – from single stock to futures trading – and tap into advanced post-trade capabilities including trading and risk analytics. And with REDI EMS you can implement a wide array of trading strategies using our advanced tools.

It’s available the way you want it – desktop or API – so you can manage your trading strategies with ease from beginning to end.

  • 650+
    global brokers accessible via Autex Trade Route
  • 150+
    global exchanges

Features & benefits

What you get with REDI EMS

End-to-end workflow

Manage your trade lifecycle using pre-trade analytics, order staging, sophisticated execution tools, and post-trade processing.

Execution and risk capabilities

Implement a wide array of trading strategies using advanced tools, to trade the way you want to.

Global, multi-asset coverage

Execute listed equity, options or futures instruments around the world via one platform.

Flexibility and scalability

Tailor workflow capabilities to meet end-to-end objectives. Set your own hot keys, link windows, alerts, signals, and more.

Liquidity discovery

Improve the speed and efficiency of your trade execution with Indications of Interest (IOI) and Trade Advertisement alerts.

Workflow automation

Set order routing rules that determine which trades should be handled automatically.

Product in action

See REDI EMS in action

screenshot of REDI Plus showing flexible workflow functionality in the Portfolio Trader platform

Trade global, multi-asset portfolios through the advanced Portfolio Trader platform

Flexible workflow functionality

By integrating with prime brokers and clearing firms, order management capabilities complete the trade lifecycle - from pre-trade risk and compliance through to allocations and commission tools.

Rich analytics to inform end-to-end trade insights

Track and analyze order and execution performance at-trade and post-trade. Eikon - your solution for premium market data, news and analytics - runs alongside REDI EMS, so you can access powerful pre- and post-trade capabilities to help inform your trading decisions.

screenshot of REDI News Wires showing rich analytics to inform end-to-end trade insights

Access powerful pre-trade capabilities, such as News, on Eikon

screenshot of REDI showing Risk Manager leveraging trading rules and compliance functionality

Leverage dozens of trading rules with Risk Manager before they are routed to a broker for execution

Compliance functionality for maximum safety

REDI EMS is a robust, cost-effective solution for a wide range of market participants. Capabilities include risk management, automatic order marking, anti-crossing, OATS reporting, and custom reports.

Broad range of liquidity

Gain more opportunities to connect and trade, with access to 650+ brokers on Autex Trade Route, our FIX order routing network that delivers order flow of 40bn+ share trades per day. Plus view brokers’ Indications of Interest (IOIs) in real-time as well as Trade Advertisements by broker, symbol, and sectors.

screenshot of REDI showing Autex liquidity from broker's IOIs and Trade Ads

Grow your search for liquidity by accessing brokers’ IOIs in real-time as well as Trade Ads

Case study

End-to-end trading for less

Trading smarter and faster doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Refinitiv worked with a large hedge fund in the Pacific region to implement a reliable, end-to-end trading solution using a powerful suite of trading tools connected through an award-winning execution management system.

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