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Global Markets Forum (GMF)

An exclusive Reuters editorial community for financial market professionals

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Refinitiv and Reuters bring together the most influential minds from finance and politics in topical debate. Get a head start on market moving developments and network with top minds from finance and politics in real time.

Trending forum topics

A front on shot of the White house

Trump vs Biden 2020

It’s now a matter of days until we find out whether President Trump will be sitting in the Oval Office for his second term as President, or will Joe Biden topple Trump and win the race to be America’s 46th president?

Over 60 million Americans have already cast early votes, will many more expected over the weekend. Biden has a strong lead in the national polls, with Trump trailing by around 7 or 8 points. Biden is the bookies favourite, but it’ll go down to who can win the key battleground states including Florida, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin. How will the exit polls look and results in the Presidential and Senatorial races in real-time as they start trickling in on Election Night and beyond, and what are the next steps for the Democratic and Republican parties? We ask this and much more to our panel of experts that include market gurus, political pundits and betting experts. 

COVID-19 impact on markets

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc globally, affecting numerous countries, triggering emergency measures and majorly disrupting stock markets.

The Global Markets Forum brings members special insights and knowledge on the financial implications of Covid-19. Together with industry experts and peers, we’ll debate today’s pressing issues, brainstorm our own strategies and share valuable takeaways to help you create an informed opinion on the future of the markets.

A man with a facemask on walks with bicycles lined up behind him

GMF guest speakers

See what's planned in the GMF and catch-up on interviews with industry veterans, senior decision makers and other market participants from all over the globe.

Monday November 2 - 0800 GMT | 1330 IST

Matthew Shaddick

Head of Political Betting, Ladbrokes Coral Group
Monday November 2 - 1200 GMT | 1730 IST
patrick flynn headshot on a white background

Patrick Flynn

Political Analyst at Smarkets betting exchange
Monday November 2 - 1300 GMT | 0900 ET
greenstone lobo headshot on a green background

Greenstone Lobo

Monday November 2 - 1400 GMT | 1000 ET
bryan lanza headshot on a white background

Bryan Lanza

Former Communications Director for President Trump’s transition team
Tuesday November 3 - 1500 GMT | 1100 ET
dannis darnoi headshot on a blue background

Denis Darnoi

Republican strategist in Michigan
Tuesday November 3 - 2100 GMT | 1700 ET
steve schale headshot on a brown background

Steve Schale

Democratic strategist in Florida
Wednesday November 4 - 1000 GMT | 0800 SGT
Lawrence Douglas headshot on a grey background

Lawrence Douglas

Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought at Amherst College in Massachusetts
Wednesday November 4 - 1700 GMT | 1300 ET
jason pride glenmede headshot on a grey background

Jason Pride

CIO of Private Wealth, Glenmede Investment Management
Wednesday November 4 - 1900 GMT | 1500 ET
amanda litman headshot on a walled background

Amanda Litman

Political strategist
Thursday November 5 - 1700 GMT | 1300 ET
alex vogel ehadshot on a brown background

Alex Vogel

Founder of the Vogel Group in Washington, D.C.
Friday November 6 - 1600 GMT | 1200 ET
Karen Kedrowski headshot on a blue background

Karen Kendrowski

Director of Iowa State University’s Carrie Chapman Catt Center
Jennifer Holdsworth headshot in an office setting

Jennifer Holdsworth - view chat

Democratic Strategist in Washington D.C
Mark Konyn headshot on a white background

Mark Konyn - view chat

Group chief investment officer at AIA in Hong Kong
Jessica Taylor headshot on a white background

Jessica Taylor - view chat

Senate and Governors editor of the Cook Political Report in Washington D.C
Elaine Karmarck headshot on a white background

Elaine Kamarck - view chat

Director of the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C
Mark Graul headshot on a brown background

Mark Graul - view chat

Republican political strategist, founder of Arena Strategy Group
Raghuram Rajan in a suit. Behind him is a blurred dial on a white background

Raghuram Rajan - view chat

Former Reserve Bank of India Governor discusses the global central banks' response to COVID-19.

Mohamed El-Erian - view chat

Chief Economic Adviser at Allianz

Scott Minerd - view chat

Chairman of investments and Global CIO at Guggenheim

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GMF enables me to keep up with the latest developments in financial markets, but it also provides a place where open, respectful and informed debate takes place.. I highly recommend GMF as a source for all serious investors.
Vincent T.
International Economist, Independent Financial Risk Advisory Firm

GMF stands out for its diversity – the diversity in its coverage of global topical issues, its invited guests, its participants and their range of knowledge and opinions.
Jitesh S.
Senior Portfolio Manager, European Investment and Technology Firm

The GMF makes my day easier. No matter all the other service providers and financial information sources, my day only really starts when I log into GMF and start reading the posts there. Reliable and insightful, that’s how I see GMF.
David R.
Corporate Treasurer and Risk Manager, Leading Portuguese Corporate.

Meet the editor

Moderated by experienced Reuters journalists

Divya chowdhury headshot in a circular window on a white background

Divya Chowdhury - Asia and Global Editor, Global Markets Forum, Reuters News

As a financial journalist for over 20 years, Divya has covered macroeconomics, central banks, global cross-asset markets, company news, market scams and natural disasters. She has a penchant for multimedia, social media and community-building, loves a good conversation, and believes forging strong relationships lies at the heart of everything we do. Divya regularly hosts panel discussions both within and outside Reuters, and has been going to Davos since 2019, interviewing a multitude of high profile guests, both on- and off-camera.

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