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Refinitiv and Reuters bring together the most influential minds from finance and politics in topical debate. Get a head start on market moving developments and network with top minds from finance and politics in real time.

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Clean energy

The stage is set for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow between October 31-November 12, with key nations - including the U.S., Canada and South Korea - announcing new climate commitments. Even as the Paris Agreement targets seem to be on track, the Reuters Global Markets Forum discusses climate goals, green energy objectives, digital transformation and sustainability, for both countries and companies, with perspectives from industry leaders, policymakers and corporates, on how the promises made will be met both logistically and financially.

The great exit

U.S. one dollar bills blow near the Andalusian capital of Seville in this photo illustration taken on November 16, 2014. A year-long investigation into allegations of collusion and manipulation by global currency traders is set to come to a head on Wednesday, with Britain's financial regulator and six big banks expected to agree a settlement involving around 1.5 billion ($2.38 billion) in fines. The settlement comes amid a revival of long-dormant volatility on the foreign exchanges, where a steady rise of U.S. dollar this year has depressed oil prices and the currencies of many commodity exporters such as Russia's rouble, Brazil's real and Nigeria's naira - setting the scene for more turbulence on world financial markets in 2015.

With a shaky global recovery from COVID-19 due to new variants and central banks trimming relief measures, uncertainty remains over inflation, geopolitics and a host of other factors. As investors eye new themes to trade on, the Reuters Global Markets Forum hosts a two-week line-up of global fund managers to discuss their cross-asset market outlooks for the rest of the year and into 2022.

COVID-19 impact on markets

A man with a facemask on walks with bicycles lined up behind him

As the world begins to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, markets are at a record high and the global economy is expected to rebound, albeit slower than expected due to new coronavirus variants. The Global Markets Forum brings members special insights and knowledge on the financial implications of the pandemic. Together with industry experts and peers, we debate all the pressing issues, brainstorm our own strategies and share valuable takeaways to help you create an informed opinion on the future of the markets.

Global Markets Forum’s election specials

September's German election promises more continuity than chaos. With opinion polls suggesting a shaky three-party coalition and big reforms likely taking a back seat, how will climate change and the Covid-19 recovery shape future policy?

Meanwhile, Canada’s snap elections are being keenly watched as Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau faces possible defeat. We analyse what to expect and discuss its potential impact on both monetary and fiscal policies.

GMF guest speakers

See what's planned in the GMF and catch-up on interviews with industry veterans, senior decision makers and other market participants from all over the globe.

Monday Nov. 15 | 0900 GMT/1000 CEST
Phillip Gass

Philip Gass

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Monday Nov. 15 | 1800 GMT/1000 PT
Margret Trilli

Margret Trilli

CEO and CIO, ImpactAssets
Tuesday Nov. 16 | 0500 GMT/1030 IST
Vaibhav Chaturved

Vaibhav Chaturvedi

Fellow, Council on Energy, Environment and Water
Tuesday Nov. 16 | 0700 GMT/1230 IST
Narendra Taneja

Narendra Taneja

Independent Policy Energy Institute
Tuesday Nov. 16 | 0900 GMT/1430 IST
Gero Farrugio

Gero Farruggio

Rystad Energy
Tuesday Nov. 16 | 1500 GMT/1000 ET
James Stock

James Stock

Former White House Council of Economic Advisors; Professor at Harvard Kennedy School
Tuesday Nov. 16 | 1600 GMT/1100 ET
Jay Hatfield

Jay Hatfield

Founder and CEO of Infrastructure Capital Advisors
Tuesday Nov. 16 | 1730 GMT/1230 ET
Karen Wong

Karen Wong

Global Head of ESG and Sustainable Investing at State Street Global Advisors
Wednesday Nov. 17 | 1300 GMT/1400 CET
Linda Sigrid and Tore Longva

Linda Sigrid Hammer and Tore Longva

Principal Consultants, Maritime at DNV
Wednesday Nov. 17 | 1500 GMT/1000 ET
Elaine Weidman Grunewald

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald

European Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corp
Wednesday Nov. 17 | 1600 GMT/1100 ET
Leonardo Beltran

Leonardo Beltrán

Former Mexican deputy secretary for planning and energy transition
Thursday Nov. 18 | 1100 UAE/1230 IST
Gauri Singh

Gauri Singh

Deputy director-general, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Thursday Nov. 18 | 1000 GMT/1530 IST
James Henderson

James Henderson

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES)
Thursday Nov. 18 | 1100 GMT/1630 IST
Harry Boyd Carpenter

Harry Boyd Carpenter

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Thursday Nov. 18 | 1400 GMT/1930 IST
Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Benchmark Minerals
Thursday Nov. 18 | 1700 GMT/0900 PT
Hummayun Javed

Hummayun Javed

Director of investments at Align Impact
Friday Nov. 19 | TBC
Ludger Schuknecht

Ludger Schuknecht

Vice president and corporate secretary, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Friday Nov. 19 | 0830 GMT/1400 IST
Sean Kidney

Sean Kidney

CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative
Friday Nov. 19 | 1030 GMT/1600 IST
Damian Payiatakis

Damian Payiatakis

Barclays Private Bank
Friday Nov. 19 | 1315 GMT/0815 ET
Stewart Glickman

Stewart Glickman

Energy equity analyst at research and analytics firm CFRA
Friday Nov. 19 | 1500 GMT/1000 ET
Rob Bailey

Robert Bailey

Partner at Oliver Wyman
Dennis Lockhart headshot

Dennis Lockhart - view chat

Former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Raghuram Rajan - view chat

Former RBI governor
Sayuri Shirai headshot

Sayuri Shirai - view chat

Former BOJ policy board member
Armino Fraga headshot

Arminio Fraga - view chat

Former Brazil central bank President

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GMF enables me to keep up with the latest developments in financial markets, but it also provides a place where open, respectful and informed debate takes place.. I highly recommend GMF as a source for all serious investors.
Vincent T.
International Economist, Independent Financial Risk Advisory Firm

GMF stands out for its diversity – the diversity in its coverage of global topical issues, its invited guests, its participants and their range of knowledge and opinions.
Jitesh S.
Senior Portfolio Manager, European Investment and Technology Firm

The GMF makes my day easier. No matter all the other service providers and financial information sources, my day only really starts when I log into GMF and start reading the posts there. Reliable and insightful, that’s how I see GMF.
David R.
Corporate Treasurer and Risk Manager, Leading Portuguese Corporate.

Meet the editor

Moderated by experienced Reuters journalists

Divya chowdhury headshot in a circular window on a white background

Divya Chowdhury - Asia and Global Editor, Global Markets Forum, Reuters News

As a financial journalist for over 20 years, Divya has covered macroeconomics, central banks, global cross-asset markets, company news, market scams and natural disasters. She has a penchant for multimedia, social media and community-building, loves a good conversation, and believes forging strong relationships lies at the heart of everything we do. Divya regularly hosts panel discussions both within and outside Reuters, and has been going to Davos since 2019, interviewing a multitude of high profile guests, both on- and off-camera.

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