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Global Markets Forum (GMF)

Be at the heart of the debate

The Global Markets Forum - the world’s first macro-, cross-asset, global editorial community.

The Global Markets Forum

Moderated by experienced Reuters journalists, the Global Markets Forum (GMF) is an exclusive editorial community for financial market professionals available for free on Refinitiv Messenger.

As the world’s first macro-, cross-asset, global community forum, it surfaces the most critical market topics, the widest range of perspectives and hosts influential guest voices in real time.

Get breaking news, fresh insight and network with your peers. Access is free and exclusive to Eikon subscribers and Refinitiv Messenger standalone users.

GMF stands out for its diversity – the diversity in its coverage of global topical issues, its invited guests, its participants and their range of knowledge and opinions.
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How to access the Global Markets Forum in Refinitiv Messenger

U.S Election

Trump vs Biden 2020 coverage in the GMF

With less than 100 days to go for the U.S. Presidential elections, we take a look at who is better placed to win the race. According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by 8 percentage points. He also has a big advantage with undecided voters. What can Team Trump do to claw back the gap? Should Team Biden sit on the lead, or go for the kill? We ask this and much more to our panel of experts that include market gurus, political pundits and betting experts. See the latest guest schedule and join us in the Global Markets Forum!


Stay ahead of the market with all the latest Covid-19 news and insights

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc globally, affecting numerous countries, triggering emergency measures and majorly disrupting stock markets. The Global Markets Forum brings members special insights and knowledge on the financial implications of Covid-19. Together with industry experts and peers, we’ll debate today’s pressing issues, brainstorm our own strategies and share valuable takeaways to help you create an informed opinion on the future of the markets.

Global Markets Forum: Global central banks' response to COVID-19

Tune in Wednesday August 5 at 14:30 ET | 18:30 GMT to LiveChat with Raghuram Rajan, former Reserve Bank of India Governor, as he discusses the global central banks' response to COVID-19.

Our Macro Vitals app provides a comprehensive set of data, news, charts and insight recording the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Following the success of our Novel coronavirus and Macro Vitals Apps we decided to capture the best features of both Apps and combine them into one. This will make it easier for customers to access pandemic related information as well as extensive content and analytics on the impact that the virus is having on the global economy. Type ‘MACROV’ in Eikon to access the app. 

A regular webinar series helping you understand the impact of coronavirus on the economy, markets and industries – brought to you by Refinitiv.

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Reuters Breakingviews

Reuters Breakingviews is the world's leading source of agenda-setting financial insight.

Join the Global Markets Forum on Refinitiv Messenger as we cover Breakingviews Predictions 2020 and weigh in on expert opinions from influential market voices via our Live Chats.

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Reuters keeps you informed

Get the latest news and live coverage from the world’s trusted news organisation, Reuters.

Gain collective wisdom, test ideas

Weigh in on expert opinions drawn from a wide range of influential market voices via our Live Chats.

Your industry network

Tap into our network of blue-chip contacts, build connections and uncover new opportunities.

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Access to the GMF is free and exclusive to Eikon subscribers and Refinitiv Messenger standalone users. Please register for access using the form below. 

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