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Global Markets Forum (GMF)

An exclusive Reuters editorial community for financial market professionals

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Refinitiv and Reuters bring together the most influential minds from finance and politics in topical debate. Get a head start on market moving developments and network with top minds from finance and politics in real time.

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The Biden Administration 

A front on shot of the White house

President Joe Biden has donned the mantle in times of unprecedented pandemic, political and economic crises, while the GameStop saga becoming an early test of the administration's ethics pledges. Add to that geopolitical relationships that need to be mended and global economic integration that needs to be renewed.

The Reuters Global Markets Forum hosts a slate of guest speakers to discuss the future of Global Trade and Investment, including spending of infrastructure development, with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) deal and China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in place in Asia, and Biden has taken over the presidency of the United States.


A close up shot of binoculars with a meter for points and euros

After weeks of last minute talks, a deal was finally agreed between European Union and UK, ending over four years of negotiation and safeguarding nearly a $1 trillion of annual trade, providing some clarity and relief to Brexit-weary investors. The markets reacted positively, but have more challenges ahead with the surge in COVID-19 cases. We examine the next steps with our stellar line-up of guests, and gauge the long-term impact of the Brexit deal on markets, finance and industry.

COVID-19 impact on markets

A man with a facemask on walks with bicycles lined up behind him

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc globally, affecting numerous countries, triggering emergency measures and majorly disrupting stock markets.

The Global Markets Forum brings members special insights and knowledge on the financial implications of Covid-19. Together with industry experts and peers, we’ll debate today’s pressing issues, brainstorm our own strategies and share valuable takeaways to help you create an informed opinion on the future of the markets.


Tuesday 20, April - 19:30 BST | 13:30 CDT | 14:30 EDT

GMF LiveChat with Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal, co-founder and CEO at the Real Vision Group, joins the Reuters Global Markets Forum next week to discuss if U.S.-based Coinbase Global Inc's listing, which valued the exchange at around $86 billion, marks the latest step in crypto assets' march to the mainstream, whether long-term sceptics will finally turn followers, and how far we are from a stable environment for crypto assets.

GMF guest speakers

See what's planned in the GMF and catch-up on interviews with industry veterans, senior decision makers and other market participants from all over the globe.

Aiden Yao headshot on a grey background

Aidan Yao - view chat

Senior emerging Asia economist at AXA Investment Managers
Rashmi Banga headshot on a grey background

Rashmi Banga - view chat

Senior economist at UNCTAD
Ho Fung Hung headshot on a black background

ho-fung hung - view chat

Professor of political economy at Johns Hopkins
Wendy Cutler headshot on a grey background

Wendy Cutler - view chat

American diplomat and negotiator in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Chris Rogers headshot on a green background

Chris Rogers - view chat

Research analyst at Panjiva at S&P Global Market Intelligence
Joanna Konings headshot on a white background

Joanna Konings - view chat

Senior international trade economist at ING
Charles Wilson headshot on a grey background

Charles Wilson - view chat

Portfolio manager, Thornburg Investment Management
Alejo Czerwonko headshot on a brown background

Alejo Czerwonko - view chat

CIO-Emerging Markets Americas at UBS Global Wealth Management
Kate Lappin headshot on a white background

Kate Lappin - view chat

Asia Pacific Regional Secretary at Public Services International
Alastair Newton headshot on a brown background

Alastair Newton - view chat

Co-founder and director at Alavan Business Advisory
Lora Cecere headshot on a white background

Lora Cecere - view chat

Founder of Supply Chain Insights
Priyanka Kishore headshot on a white background

Priyanka Kishore - view chat

Head of India and South East Asia, Oxford Economics
Deborah Elms headshot on a white background

Deborah Elms - view chat

Founder and executive director at the Asian Trade Centre
Esty Dwek headshot on a grey background

Esty Dwek - view chat

Head of global markets strategy at Natixis
Raghuram Rajan in a suit. Behind him is a blurred dial on a white background

Raghuram Rajan - view chat

Former RBI governor

Mohamed El-Erian - view chat

Allianz chief economic advisor
Mark Konyn headshot on a white background

Mark Konyn - view chat

Group chief investment officer at AIA in Hong Kong
Mark Mobius headshot on a white background

Mark Mobius - view chat

Emerging markets fund manager and founder of Mobius Capital Partners
 Jim O'Neill

Jim O'Neill - view chat

Former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management

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GMF enables me to keep up with the latest developments in financial markets, but it also provides a place where open, respectful and informed debate takes place.. I highly recommend GMF as a source for all serious investors.
Vincent T.
International Economist, Independent Financial Risk Advisory Firm

GMF stands out for its diversity – the diversity in its coverage of global topical issues, its invited guests, its participants and their range of knowledge and opinions.
Jitesh S.
Senior Portfolio Manager, European Investment and Technology Firm

The GMF makes my day easier. No matter all the other service providers and financial information sources, my day only really starts when I log into GMF and start reading the posts there. Reliable and insightful, that’s how I see GMF.
David R.
Corporate Treasurer and Risk Manager, Leading Portuguese Corporate.

Meet the editor

Moderated by experienced Reuters journalists

Divya chowdhury headshot in a circular window on a white background

Divya Chowdhury - Asia and Global Editor, Global Markets Forum, Reuters News

As a financial journalist for over 20 years, Divya has covered macroeconomics, central banks, global cross-asset markets, company news, market scams and natural disasters. She has a penchant for multimedia, social media and community-building, loves a good conversation, and believes forging strong relationships lies at the heart of everything we do. Divya regularly hosts panel discussions both within and outside Reuters, and has been going to Davos since 2019, interviewing a multitude of high profile guests, both on- and off-camera.

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