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Quantitative analysis & data management

Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics

Focus more time on research with access to a huge range of pre-integrated, standardized data from one source.

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Why choose Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics?

Quantitative Analytics provides access to a huge range of content ready to use 'out of the box' for quantitative analysis, together with the tools to integrate proprietary data. This gives you direct access to our best-of-breed content - as well as from other leading vendors, including S&P, MSCI, and Russell - without the pain.

Freed from the burden of preparing data, quants can spend more time developing and testing differentiated ideas, optimizing portfolios, and managing risk.

With Quantitative Analytics now available in the cloud, asset managers can avoid capital lock-in, eliminate database administration, and get access to the data for new quant initiatives fast.

Features & benefits

What you get with Quantitative Analytics?

Advanced database structure

Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle with documented database schema and diagrams. Pre-integrated, standardized data from one source.

Flexible access

ODBC-compatible, linked to SAS, Matlab, R and S-PLUS, and more for optimization. Map proprietary content to data with speed.

Integrated data offerings

Each vendor set is interlinked through our proprietary mapping system. Our database is designed to be fully expandable.

Broad and deep content

Quantitative Analytics comprises content for global pricing data, economic and company data from us and third-party providers.

How it works

Find out how Quantitative Analytics works

Data normalization

  • Standardization of data obtained from different sources at different time periods

Data concordance

  • Aligning disparate data sets with a single identifier that properly accounts for corporate actions and eliminates survivorship and look-ahead biases
  • Each single ID features time-series histories of SEDOLs, CUSIPs, RICs, Tickers, ISINs and other corporate action identifiers.

Data mapping

  • Pulling data from various sources and vendors relevantly and seamlessly
  • Time Series Mapping for select content sets for point-in-time mapping

Our data

Detailed data

Refinitiv’s quantitative analytics capabilities provide pre-defined or customized analytics calculations to internal and external customers as a fully managed service.

The deeper the data, the more confidence you can have in your decisions. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive market data, including real-time and historical data going back 120+ years. Refinitiv provides, Company fundamentals, I/B/E/S Estimates and Guidance, StarMine analytics, Company Filings, Ownership and ESG data.

Point-in-time data

As the only dataset to include all reported values, timestamped to the moment that they were made available to the market, Point-in-Time data is unique in showing you exactly what information was available and when. This allows quants to backtest against real conditions – eliminating look-ahead, removing the need for inaccurate lag assumptions, and allowing for more accurate assignment to groupings. This ultimately provides more accurate results, and a truer analysis of how a portfolio or strategy would have performed.

With two Point-in-Time fundamentals databases, and the market’s only Point-in-Time estimates data, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive offering of Point-in-Time data. Every datapoint is regularly updated, and has the high standard of accuracy you expect from Refinitiv.

Alternative data

Establishing itself as the vital other side of the fundamental data coin, alternative data is a crucial counterpart to high quality fundamental data. Our partnership with BattleFin makes the combination of alternative and fundamental data easier. The Refinitiv suite of fundamental data can be found on BattleFin Ensemble and we are continuing to add 3rd party alternative data to Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics.

Discover more about the alternative data on Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics

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