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Banking regulations and risk data

Risk and Regulatory Data

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Our extensive, high-quality data powers the risk management applications, processes, and workflows that provide the solutions to myriad reporting demands for banking regulations and risk, faced on a daily basis.

Global regulations. Global coverage.

Whether you are conducting due diligence under KYC/AML, looking to validate a trade valuation under Dodd-Frank, or responding to the wider capital and liquidity requirements of Basel II & III, we can provide the coverage you need.

Our regulatory risk services allow you to monitor and report on financial risk exposure with greater ease, efficiency, and timeliness – and support clients affected by a wide range of banking regulations, including:

  • Basel II & III
  • IFRS
  • Dodd-Frank & EMIR
  • Solvency II & ORSA
  • KYC / AML
  • Global regulations related to breaches in threshold ownership by asset managers (shareholding disclosures data).

Features & benefits

What you get with Risk and Regulatory Data

Extensive data sets

Our data sets include extensive reference data, corporate actions, legal entity data, end-of-day/intraday pricing, and evaluated pricing services.

Wide range of formats

Content delivered in a wide range of formats, including XML, Excel, FTP, and direct line.

Flexible delivery

Our data can be continuously delivered at 15-minute intervals or provided at the end of the day.