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SDC platinum investment banking deal activity

SDC Platinum®

Securities Data Company (SDC) Platinum™, the online historical financial transactions database, provides the most detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, M&A, bonds, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills and many more.

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SDC Platinum financial securities data

SDC Platinum provides reliable securities data from globally consistent, locally focused sources, backed by our international team of expert analysts.

With thousands of data points across all asset classes, SDC Platinum's database allows you to analyse investment banking and deal trends, identify comparable transactions and deals, monitor markets and industries, evaluate financial advisors, and generate industry-leading league tables and market share analysis.

Features & benefits

What you get with SDC Platinum

Flexible tools

Flexible tools for complex searches, reports and analysis. Utilize batch session, bulk reporting, and logical set capabilities.

Unrivaled content and coverage

1,100,000+ global M&A transactions since the 1970s.

Gain insights

Identify deal trends, conduct comparable deal analysis, and analyze won-or-lost business and market share trends.

How it works

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Unrivaled content and coverage

  • 1.3 million global M&A transactions since the 1970s
  • 1.07 million + bond deals since the 1960s
  • Over 400,000 equity capital markets new issues since the 1980s
  • Over 380,000 global corporate loan transactions since the 1980s
  • Approximately 655,000 US municipal new issues and international public financings since the 1960s
  • 200,000 global joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • 37,000+ US repurchase programs launched since 1985
  • Over 6,000 global shareholder activism campaigns
  • Over 12,400 poison pill adoptions and amendments

Deals and league tables

Our League Table rankings of investment banks and law firms, generated using SDC Platinum, are the authoritative source in pitch books, annual reports, and marketing materials worldwide. They leverage our contributor relationships with the global deal making community, coupled with secondary sourcing of global news and filings to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

Monitor deal trends

Identify deal trends, using hundreds of standard volume or trend analysis tables, and conduct comparable deal analysis to evaluate the market value and multiples of potential transactions.

Analyse won or lost business and market share trends to feed into your strategic planning, and gain a clear view of the competitive landscape assessing your position versus your peers by region, deal type, or sector.

Tailored capabilities and functionality

Benefit from a highly flexible database and screening tool for creating complex searches, reports and analysis. Utilise batch session, bulk reporting, and logical set capabilities, designed for power information professional users.

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