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Investment research analytics

StarMine analytics and models

What does an entire quant team in a single platform look like?

Achieve higher returns with our suite of proprietary alpha-generating analytics and models, grounded in sound economic intuition and backed by rigorous analysis.

The full suite of analytics and models

StarMine Analytics

Base decisions on more accurate estimates. SmartEstimates are weighted towards top analysts’ recent forecasts, helping you anticipate directionally correct earnings surprises. Revenue SmartEstimates deliver a 78% directionally correct surprise accuracy figure. SmartEconomics outperform a simple consensus forecast for macroeconomic data accuracy. 

Screenshot showing StarMine SmartEstimates

Analytics that are more accurate than consensus earnings and macroeconomics forecasts

StarMine M&A Arbitrage Spread image

The analytic provides insight into competitive positioning and merger arbitrage strategies

StarMine M&A Arbitrage Spread

The StarMine Arbitrage Spread data feed tracks the progress of mergers and acquisitions throughout the course of a transaction. The analytic provides insight into competitive positioning and merger arbitrage strategies. By analyzing the spread on a deal, analysts can understand the market’s belief about the potential for success of the transaction. 

Valuation, momentum, and earnings quality quantitative models

Use on a standalone basis or as an input into a multi-factor model. Adjust for over-optimistic growth forecasts caused by bias in analyst estimates, and improve your forecast accuracy and stock ranking ability. Identify cheap stocks poised for rebound, as well as overpriced ones likely to revert. Predict the persistence of earnings, drawing on our quantitative multi-factor approach.

StarMine earnings quality screenshot

Use a range of Quantitative models to evaluate a company in Eikon

StarMine smart holdings model screenshot

Provides insights from actions taken by financial institutions, short sellers, and corporate insiders

Smart Money models

Predict stock price changes by leveraging analysis from institutions, short sellers, corporate insiders, and beyond. StarMine Smart Money comprises our Short Interest and Smart Holdings Model, plus StarMine Insider Filings.

Credit and Sovereign Risk Models

Take a multi-pronged approach to predicting credit risk and default probability. StarMine draws on complementary sources of data and analytical methods so you can quantitatively assess and predict credit risk. Our unique Text Mining Credit Risk Model identifies language predictive of credit risk by applying sophisticated algorithms.

StarMine combined credit risk screenshot

Quantitative assessment of credit risk and the probability of default

StarMine combined alpha model screenshot

Better predict the performance of thousands of companies

Combined Alpha Model

Simplify your stock selection process by using a simple, single score for a company. The Combined Alpha Model score is derived from the optimal combination of available value, momentum, ownership, and quality quantitative models.

Media Sentiment Model

The StarMine MarketPsych Media Sentiment Model helps you predict the following month’s relative share price returns of U.S.-listed stocks. This is an equity returns model based on news and social media sentiment and complements fundamental models.

Media Sentiment Model

Visualization of StarMine MarketPsych Media Sentiment Model