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Reporting tools for traders and brokers

Trade Notification

Benefit from our trade notification venue-agnostic network as you connect seamlessly and singularly with counterparties around the globe.

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Why choose Trade Notification?

Our trade notification tools allow you to reach counterparties all around the world with a single connection, with guaranteed delivery and global customer support. The Trade Notification network dramatically improves transparency and powers genuine straight-through processing (STP).

Trade Notification supports all of our FX trading venues, including FXall, Dealing, and Matching. The service also connects to top single dealer, multi-dealer, and voice broker platforms.

Features & benefits

What you get with Trade Notification

Single connection

Leverage one connection for trades across all channels including Refinitiv, single dealer, multi-dealer, and voice broker platforms.

Deep instrument coverage

FX Spot, Swaps Forward Outrights, Options, NDFs, NDS, Interest Rate Swaps, Currency Loans and Deposits, Fixed Income (Cash Bonds), Bullion.

Multiple message formats

Select your preferred trade messaging format from FIX, XML, and TOF.

Global community

Benefit from an extensive global network of counterparties ready to connect.


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