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Market data analysis

Velocity Analytics

Velocity Analytics is a high-performance analytics platform that combines our content and the industry’s most robust computing and analytical platform: Kx.

Velocity Analytics, powered by Kx, is a high performance analytics platform that covers the entire trading cycle

Inform your strategic decision-making with quality market insights, fast. Velocity Analytics is a trading analytics platform providing detailed financial and risk data at speed and scale.

Why choose Velocity Analytics?

When you need a full picture on trade performance, Velocity Analytics provides a cross-asset view. You get pre-integrated global real-time feeds, and historical and alternative data.

Velocity Analytics is your hub for implementing powerful analytics, algorithms and full-scale applications. And your users can develop applications and models faster with easy-to-use APIs, enabling implementation of new and effective trading strategies.

Access Velocity Analytics as an on-site deployment or as part of our Elektron-hosted and managed service. 

  • 60+
    core analytics
  • 500+
  • 20+
    years' historical data

Features & benefits

What you get with Velocity Analytics

Powerful analytics

Free up time to uncover new opportunities with over 60 out-of-the-box analytics covering the entire trading cycle.

Simplify at scale

Analyze petabytes of data with a flexible, scalable platform that minimizes data management and includes robust permissioning.

Custom analytics development

Developers can create their own functions using optimized scripting language and APIs to connect to other programming environments.

Data from 500+ venues going back to 1996

Access corporate actions, tick history, reference, and machine-readable news data across asset classes. Combine these with broker, OTC, and proprietary data.

Trading compliance

Meet regulations more easily with a single solution for compliance workflows, such as best execution and SI determination.

Reduce TCO

Reduce total cost of ownership with managed content and infrastructure services, without compromising on speed or scale.

Product in action

See Velocity Analytics in action

High-performance analytics

Enables your teams to perform pre-, intra-, and post-trade analytics on petabytes of real-time and historical data using the high performance analytics platform powered by Kx.

Velocity analytics DaaS price comparison screenshot

Velocity Analytics Data as a Service Platform 

Velocity Analytics screenshot showing custom development

Create your own  functions with Velocity Analytics

Power your trading applications

Simplify data integration from multiple content sources, minimize data management and ensure robust permissioning to power your users' trading workflows with Velocity Analytics.

Trading business solutions

Front-office and middle-office solutions including decision support, risk and compliance solutions.

Velocity Analytics Best Execution solution

Velocity Analytics, powered by Kx, is a high performance Analytics platform that covers the entire trading cycle


Check out some of our awards

RegTech Awards 2018: Best Best-Execution Solution

Reg Tech awards 2018 Velocity Analytics

Velocity Analytics has won the customers’ vote for the best Best-Execution Solution Award at the RegTech Awards 2018.

Other recent awards

RegTech Awards 2018: Best Best-Execution Solution
3rd May 2018