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    Settlement Center

    Automate your post-trade processing with our FXall Settlement Center. It creates confirmations, matches trades, determines trade settlement paths, and much more.

    I/B/E/S Estimates

    I/B/E/S Estimates give you the longest and most complete record of data. The institutional broker's estimate system provides forecasts on company performance via over 260 consensus measures, including earnings per share, sales, and net income.

    WM/Reuters FX benchmarks

    The most timely, transparent, and reliable forward and spot rates covering over 150 currencies.

    Commodity indices

    Our commodity indices track baskets of commodities to reflect price movements, and are recognized as a major barometer of commodity prices and markets.

    Global equity indices

    Global equity indices covering over 10,000 stocks from 51 markets, broken down into different countries, regions, and sectors. The indices are also highly representative, covering over 97% of each market’s investable market capitalization.

    Fixed Income Indices

    Our fixed income indices provide high-quality measurements of multiple developed and emerging markets at various levels of liquidity, maturity, and risk.

    FX indices

    Build your trading and investment products using the leading venue in interbank liquidity to create your benchmarks, tracking the performance of globally strategic currencies.

    LPC Loan Pricing Data | Syndicated Loans

    LPC is the premier global provider of syndicated loan pricing news, data, and analysis, keeping you on top of trading trends and investment decisions.

    Reference data

    Covering 80m securities and investment instruments, our reference ensures you have the latest information at your fingertips, with intraday updates.

    Commodities pricing data

    From exchange data and OTC prices, to specialist supply and demand fundamentals covering agriculture, energy and metals, our specialist commodities pricing data includes real-time, end-of-day and historical prices; research and forecasts; and fundamentals data.