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    ​Fixed Income Indices

    Browse Refinitiv's Refinitiv Fixed Income Indices, discover our range of data, indices & benchmarks. Our Data Catalogue offers unrivalled data and delivery mechanisms.

    FX indices

    Build your trading and investment products using the leading venue in interbank liquidity to create your benchmarks, tracking the performance of globally strategic currencies.


    Refinitiv Qual-ID is a powerful solution for digital identity verification, document proofing, and risk screening, helping you uncover financial crime-related risk.

    Global Equal Opportunities Select Index

    The Refinitiv Global Equal Opportunities Index is an innovative benchmark tracking companies that promote workplace equality, diversity, inclusion and ESG.

    Refinitiv Data Platform

    The Refinitiv Data Platform gives you access to a wide range of analytics and global market data in the Cloud, to help power your workflow-critical applications.


    Refinitiv Eikon is the financial analysis desktop and mobile solution, for access to leading data and content, Reuters news, markets and liquidity pools.

    Capital Markets Insight

    Essential capital markets analysis and intelligence, covering the world’s fixed income and investment banking industries, helping you make better decisions.

    Real-Time Distribution System

    Reduce complexity and streamline your operations with Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution System, the industry's most powerful market data distribution platform.

    Real-Time Managed Distribution Service

    Access cloud-based capabilities for data integration, publication, distribution, and analytics with Refinitiv Real-Time Managed Distribution Service.

    Swiss Tax

    Meet your Swiss stamp tax obligations and access the data you need with our Swiss Tax solution, approved by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA).