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    Market Tracker

    Track, monitor and report trades executed on Refinitiv and third-party venues into a single real-time stream with Refinitiv Market Tracker. Find out more.

    FX Matching

    Our trade matching will enable you to access firm pricing, achieve high certainty of execution and trade efficiently. Learn more about FX Spot and Forwards Matching.

    Investor protection

    Under MiFID II, investor protection is key. Financial institutions must act in the best interest of their client, and it is therefore paramount for firms to have a deep understanding of who is distributing the financial products they manufacture.

    Best execution

    Bringing market and client data together, VA8 provides MiFID II-compliant best execution monitoring and reporting. Additional reports, such as RTS 27 and RTS 28, can all be provided by this on-premise or managed service.

    APA and publication services

    The Tradeweb APA allows all asset classes to be published to support trade transparency rules under MiFID II. Pre- and post-trade reporting are supported.

    Research, permissioning and unbundling

    MiFID II forced companies to split out transaction fees from research charges, making the value of research more prominent. Tools such as StarMine allow our clients to pier-rank the research they consume, ensuring the qualitative aspects of the MiFID legislation are catered for.


    View and download the latest €STR rates

    Term SONIA Reference Rates

    Transition from LIBOR confidently with a Term SONIA Reference Rate provided by Refinitiv, a leading benchmark provider.

    Real-Time – Ultra Direct

    Refinitiv Real-Time – Ultra Direct provides you with comprehensive features and high performance for your low-latency market data needs.


    Learn how Symbology simplifies complex financial data through data-based identifiers used to recognize securities and legal entities in the industry.