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Data sets, insights, and news from the world’s leading quant research data provider.

Why use our quant research data?

The search for alpha starts here

As the investment industry evolves, the thirst for data to power the investment process further intensifies. 

Our data will help you unearth interesting research and articles, stay aware of new Refinitiv content initiatives, and highlight some of the trends emerging in areas around unstructured and alternative data.

Much of the research is based on Refinitiv content sets which power the investment processes at many of the world’s most sophisticated hedge funds and asset management firms.    

Our quant research insights

Stay on top of emerging trends for your quantitative research

Explore our full range of high-quality standard and specialized content, to aid your quant research. Refinitiv data can be delivered as part of a deployed platform, via direct feed, or in the Cloud.

Our quant research content

Discover our range of quantitative research data and content

Company data

An extensive portfolio of content about companies that includes fundamentals, estimates, filings and ESG (environmental, social, and governance).

Economic data

Analyze trends from 1950s, project forward with Refinitiv Economics of 10 million series. All countries profiled from in-country agencies or international sources.

Pricing and market data

Refinitiv is a market leading provider of global pricing and market data for the financial markets. Includes derivatives, fixed income instruments, FX, and money markets.