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Audit, risk, and compliance

Comprehensive, timely, and trusted information drives effective audit, risk, and regulatory compliance management. Make reliable and informed decisions with our innovative suite of solutions.

How we help

Clarify the risks that matter

  • Connected Risk helps create a single view of your risk profile by joining disparate sources of data.
  • Risk Management – quickly identify, capture, and manage sources of risk across your company.
  • Model Risk Management – report on governance status, sign-offs, supporting attachments, and related issues from a single platform.
Eikon screenshot of the management dashboard
Eikon screenshot displaying the reporting dashboard

Advanced data and compliance technology

  • Compliance Management – develop an efficient compliance framework that identifies, measures, and reports on compliance risk.
  • Regulatory Change Management – enable seamless integration of regulatory content into powerful workflows.
  • World-Check – leverage expansive specialist research, a powerful matching engine, and comprehensive content sets for effective first level due diligence screening.
  • Enhanced Due Diligence – dive deeper with extensive integrity and detailed background checks on entities and individuals.

Streamline audit with options that fit your needs

  • AutoAudit – move beyond manual processes and store all audit documents in a single, secure database; manage audit teams and allocate resources quickly.
  • Audit Management – on the Connected Risk platform, helps you drive collaboration with shared information and analyses, provide assurance with less cost and burden, and leverage expanded visibility to target audits more efficiently.
Screenshot of the audit schedule


Our partners

To ensure you benefit from the latest thinking and technology, our partner marketplace provides seamless access to trusted content, powerful innovation, and new opportunities. We partner with over 2,000 organizations.


Embed anti-bribery anti-corruption due diligence in your precontract process for suppliers, vendors and third parties. Monitor 24/7 by joining World-Check to Aravo's award-winning workflow software.


Automate, streamline & expedite client onboarding, data management and compliance on a single platform. API-driven, Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management has integrated World-Check and OrgID content.


FinScan’s accuracy, configurability, and scalability enable efficient compliance with AML/KYC regulations. Combined with World-Check, it’s the most advanced sanctions and PEP compliance screening solution.


SAI Global

Reduce third party and cyber risk, and regulation complexity with our combined World-Check API and SAI Global risk solution. Make appropriate risk decisions. Save time and money.


Quickly identify customer risk, add audit trail capabilities, integrate workflows and get access on the move with a powerful combination of World-Check and Salesforce.

The logo of our new partner, CaseWare


CaseWare’s, Alessa, is an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and financial crime detection and prevention solution that helps you comply with regulations, detect complex fraud schemes and engage the entire organization in a culture of compliance.