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    The importance of data in digital transformation

    Download the latest Refinitiv white paper to explore the strategic importance of trusted data in managing digital transformation in your trading business.

    Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Report

    Download the latest Refinitiv report to find out the key factors driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how they impact investment strategies.

    Global fund insights report 2020

    This report look into the detail of ESG fund holdings, and why investors should look into the underlying stocks of funds’ they’re buying.

    Managing electronic communications in a fragmented era

    How to manage data from multiple sources effectively and in a compliant way?

    Moving forward with LIBOR transition and IBOR reform

    This report provides a guide to figuring out what is at stake with LIBOR and other interbank offered rates (IBORs).

    Sukuk perceptions & forecast study 2017

    This Sukuk Perceptions and Forecast Study 2017 will shed light on key raising Sukuk issues through the outcome of the survey and one-on-one interviews with key issuers and investors.

    Future-proofing against supply chain disruption

    The playbook provides a range of detailed steps and checklists to help organizations prepare for and manage crisis-related supply chain disruption as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    ESG Score VS Financial Performance

    This whitepaper looks at the relationships between Refinitiv combined ESG scores for large cap firms and their financial performance.

    Crypto Tax Reporting Update

    Our 2020 Crypto Tax Update gives a deeper look into the year in Crypto Tax and what organizations needs to be aware of.

    Putting the hammer down: Accelerate your Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation in wealth management and the buy vs build decision is one that all financial institutions face. Refinitiv explores a new hybrid strategy to lower total cost of ownership, bring digital strategies to market quickly and improve the client experience.