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    Belt and Road initiative

    Belt and Road projects offer attractive opportunities and can be prime destinations for foreign direct investment, but the location of these projects also poses a range of challenges for these investors, who must ensure that they adequately assess and understand all the potential risks

    A Copernican revolution in culture and conduct risk management

    In partnership with Starling, authors Stephen Scott, Martin Wheatley, Mirea Raaijmakers, and Nicholas Christakis explore culture and conduct risk management and how successfully addressing this focus will require a “Copernican Revolution” in thinking, overturning three biases that mark the...

    Financial crime — lifting the veil on the true economic and humanitarian cost

    The true cost of financial crime extends far beyond pure economics. Critical social and humanitarian consequences impact the lives of millions of individuals across the globe on a daily basis. When viewed in its entirety, can we ever really quantify the cost of this so-called ‘victimless’ crime?

    Are cryptocurrencies playing into the hands of money launderers?

    As the global use of cryptocurrencies continues to gather momentum, this Expert Talk examines what the potential risks and implications for compliance professionals are and how they can stay a step ahead.

    Iran and P5+1 JCPOA rendered fragile on the second year of implementation

    This article takes a look back at 2017, the second year of implementation for the Iran and P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was a mix of highs and lows especially for Iran and the U.S.

    Navigating economic and trade sanctions

    This article takes a look what the various kinds of economic and trade sanctions, the sanctioning bodies and their effect on business as well as how to help minimize the risk of a company dealing with sanctioned entities and associates.

    Sex trafficking and money laundering — the dual dilemma facing both law enforcement and the financial sector

    Insight into how a recently dismantled US-Thailand sex trafficking ring operated and the flow of illicit funds." />

    Indonesia corruption trends and outlook

    Expert talk: From political individuals to private corporations

    Africa on the rise — knowing who your customers are will be essential to success

    Twenty-first-century technologies and increasing demand for raw materials and natural resources have heralded great opportunities in Africa. However, in order to invest successfully you first need to Know Your Customer (KYC).

    Identifying the UBO — the challenge of finding the needle in the haystack

    There is an increasing expectation on companies worldwide to understand who they are ultimately doing business with and the transparency of company ownership and control have always been a focal point under Anti-money laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) legislation.