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    The Real Risks: Hidden threats within third-party relationships

    Uncovering the hidden threats to global supply chains as criminals look to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to defraud companies and government agencies.

    OFAC sanctions and the 50% rule

    Are all your risk-bases covered? This Expert Talk looks at sanctions against Venezuela and what organizations can do to avoid falling foul of the regulators.

    Machine learning with sentiment analysis

    Read the latest report from Refinitiv on machine learning with news sentiment analysis for financial markets and stock market trading.

    Evolution of the Trading ecosystem

    Our report covers the Evolution of Trading Ecosystems and how trading systems and technologies have evolved across trading and its ecosystems.

    Sukuk Perceptions and Forecast Study 2021: Thriving Amidst Uncertainty

    Learn more about Refinitiv’s 2021 Sukuk survey on market perceptions of future growth , trends and continuing challenges facing both sukuk investors & issuers.

    Portfolio Selection: Return, Risk and Sustainability

    Download the latest research paper on investigating how a stock portfolio can be chosen to represent a significant improvement in terms of sustainability.

    Global sustainable development

    We examine the threat of environmental crime to business and security, and how to mitigate using supply chain risk tools, ESG data, and greater collaboration.

    The First Step in Third-Party Risk Management

    Our Third-Party Onboarding and Risk Management Survey asked respondents how essential a third-party compliance onboarding process is to their companies.

    Sustainable Stewardship of Open Identifiers

    Read Refinitiv's white paper assessing recent trends in relation to open identifiers, focusing on governance and sustainability considerations.

    Effective third-party risk strategy in uncertain times

    Download our white paper to find out how building an effective third-party risk strategy can be the key to survival in uncertain times.