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    Global fund insights report 2020

    Discover how investors behaved differently during this coronovirus “COVID Crash” than in previous market downturns

    Belt and Road (BRI) Project and Investment Report

    Discover how economics is reinvigorating China’s ambitious plan to connect the Eurasia-African region in our new report

    Defining fixed income data

    In this report, we take a comprehensive look at all the fixed income data that is out there, and explore current trends and challenges in the fixed income space

    Technology in 2024 | Future of trading

    How will automation trading, artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics impact your trading desk?

    Global Carbon Market Report 2020

    Refinitiv’s assessment of the major global carbon markets, showing main trends in global emission trading systems and in emerging areas.

    Efficiency through automation

    How the fixed income market uses data and AI

    The Real Risks: Hidden threats within third-party relationships

    Uncovering the hidden threats to global supply chains as criminals look to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to defraud companies and government agencies.

    Financial crime in Sub-Saharan Africa focus

    Financial crime is multi-faceted, multi-national and very often invisible, making it hard to identify, measure and combat. Its impact is felt in many ways. At Refinitiv we are committed to uncovering the true scale of the financial crime challenge, to raise awareness and create the data and...

    Technology and fixed income markets

    Read the latest report from Refinitiv on how technology can optimize the benefits of the accelerating electronification of fixed income markets..

    Treasury management and FX workflow automation

    Discover how automated FX workflows enhance corporate treasury management to give you a competitive advantage.