Special reports

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    Environmental metrics and preserving capital report

    In this report, we look to our EGS database to learn which companies are positioning themselves for success in the transition to low-carbon economies.

    Refinitiv analysis of boutique M&A fees

    Read the latest analysis on boutique M&A fees by Refinitiv

    Artificial intelligence & machine learning study

    Read the top insights from the Refinitiv 2019 Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Global Study. Download Refinitiv's study here

    Future-proofing against supply chain disruption

    The playbook provides a range of detailed steps and checklists to help organizations prepare for and manage crisis-related supply chain disruption as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    Public Cloud Investment Barometer - 2019 Report

    Discover which financial institutions are leading through the adoption of the public cloud strategy and the impact of cloud computing on their businesses.

    International Women's Day 2020: Corporate Gender Diversity Crisis

    We celebrate 2020's International Women's Day by taking a deep dive into two gender metrics from the Refinitiv ESG database.

    Ultimate Guide to Portfolio Risk Analysis

    Learn how to protect your portfolio during market volatility with our ultimate guide to portfolio risk analysis from stress-testing to optimization strategies

    Will machines replace traders? | Future of Trading

    The future of trading will be a true merger of the best of both human and machine, with traders and machines working together.

    Why operational resilience is now essential for the trading business

    Learn more about how a strategic approach to operational resilience, particularly for market data and analytics, can boost agility and competitiveness for trading teams.

    Intermediaries and the Alt Data Ecosystem

    Access Refinitiv's Alt Data Ecosystem report to find out how intermediaries can help scale alt data, improve the sustainability of the ecosystem, and more.