Special reports

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    The Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Report

    Download our latest report to cash in on the sustainable infrastructure green rush and to access the data on major upcoming green infrastructure projects.

    Artificial intelligence & machine learning study

    Read the top insights from the Refinitiv 2019 Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Global Study. Download Refinitiv's study here

    Refinitiv Carbon Research

    Our data, research, analysis and modelling provide clarity in a turbulent commodity market – enabling emissions traders to make decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

    Winners and Losers from COP26

    Download our latest report to find out the winners and losers from COP26 as long-term commitments moved the needle towards limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

    Connected Data for Buy-Side firms

    Do buy-side firms need to make more progress than sell-side firms on digital transformation for market and reference data?

    Debunking Wealth Management Myths

    In this whitepaper we highlight three myths about investors in the current wealth management space, and the key areas of focus for wealth firms to develop a fresh approach.

    The future of commodity trading

    Download the latest eBook about the future of commodity trading undergoing digital transformation from automation to AI to democratised datasets & trading

    COP26: Tackling Climate Change By the Numbers

    A data-driven approach to COP26’s ambitious agenda will open insights into how major sectors like financial markets could contribute to reach net-zero target.

    Redefining investor data needs

    Redefining investor data needs with the COVID-19 pandemic having a profound impact on the wealth management industry.

    The power of personalisation in wealth management

    In this paper, we look at how wealth firms can address the growing need for personalisation by using new techniques and developing strategies to better understand and serve their customers.