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Top 23 ESG investing trends

2021 ESG Playbook: Stability and sustainability in the investment community

Explore the key sustainability trends that will gain momentum in 2021 - by 24 industry experts and leaders.

In this playbook, we’ve brought together some of the top minds and thought leaders in sustainable finance. 

They share ideas about the past year, their predictions for 2021 ESG trends, and outline how the ESG investment community can move toward a more sustainable and transparent future.

Access the full report to find out:

  • How has COVID-19 changed the ESG investing industry
  • What is the main focus of ESG investors in 2021 and beyond
  • Which shifts can we expect across ESG integration and disclosure
  • Which new themes and technologies are emerging in sustainable finance
  • 24
    Industry experts
  • 23
    ESG trends
  • 2021
    Sustainable outlook

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The steps we need to take to solve the climate and social crisis and to grow and evolve are blurred by the complication of the end state. However, as we learned in school, we need to break the problem into pieces and tackle them one at a time

Key content

Expert insights

from the key sustainability leaders

360 degree overview

from ESG to impact investing and green bonds

ESG vision

A full list of key takeaways and action items