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The digital wealth agenda

Advancing the advisory client experience

With the COVID-19 pandemic having a profound impact on the wealth management industry, a new survey uncovers key insights from advisory clients on data, digital capabilities and the need for advice.

Wealth Advisory clients are underserved at critical moments in the platform experience and a lack of access to data and digital capabilities is testing their loyalty to financial providers.

With market volatility and the ongoing uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic eroding investor confidence, wealth firms are under pressure to help clients make sense of fast-moving markets. 

In a recent survey with over 400 advisory clients across the globe we uncover the opportunities and expectations around the insights, digital experiences and value they receive from wealth firms. 

Access the full report to find out:

  • How COVID-19 and accelerated digital transformation has impacted client-advisor relationships and the need for investment advice
  • What key data sets investors are lacking and where the opportunities lie
  • How technology and digital capabilities can improve the client and advisor experience

Key insights


of millennial clients are considering switching providers as a result of their experiences


think news analytics could be a game-changer for their analysis


say that real-time data would improve the quality of their investment analyis

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Empowering wealth advisors with new foundational data, tools and digital capabilities to help streamline and share insights will be essential to build trust with clients and continually provide value regardless of the market environment.