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Fixed income data series

How the fixed income market uses data and AI

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and big data are transforming fixed-income markets beyond all recognition.  

Alongside the development of leading-edge technologies, we have witnessed an explosion in the availability of data. 

The last decade has seen vast amounts of time and money channeled into gathering, generating and cleaning up fixed income-related data, and today all market participants can benefit from significantly enhanced transparency and access to deep pools of knowledge. 

In this report we take a critical look at how this data has already been put to work to solve the real market challenges that affect the trading floor every day; how firms are using AI to unlock the potential in data; and how the majority of firms are engaging with these changes. 

Our research indicates that 61% of market participants are either using AI today or plan to in the next 12–24 months.   

We also delve into how new data sources and technology have given the market a much-needed boost – in terms of efficiency, pricing accuracy, risk management and transparency. 

How are these sweeping changes altering hiring patterns? Our report finds that heads of research on the buy side increasingly have more data scientists than fundamental research analysts on their teams. 

Automation is not replacing humans but augmenting their abilities, in this new report produced in collaboration with Greenwich Associates, we take a look at how AI is making the workplace more efficient and more effective than ever before. 

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