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The benefits of FX workflow management

Discover the advantages that automated workflow management brings to corporate treasury management.

How can automated FX workflow management help you scale new heights?

A corporate treasurer in Asia has a complex terrain to navigate. Aside from the usual complexities of treasury management in banking such as covering cash flow, forex trading, bank accounts, and risk management, the treasurer must take into consideration the different regulatory regimes, currencies, time zones, and languages. Now that treasury management system integration is possible, corporate treasurers can look forward to solutions that can enhance their performance, make them more efficient, and reduce risk.

This report will explain how automation can help across the entire FX lifecycle through pre-trade, trade, and post-trade. 

Success stories

Overhauling a treasury system takes time, a clear strategy and investment – but the benefits are significant and long-lasting.

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Some treasury and risk managers are reluctant to automate FX within the corporate treasury because of the implementation process. This is understandable as system integration can be complicated and a long-drawn process, which may overrun the budget and timeline set aside for it.​

​While there is no definitive list of tasks, our experience at Refinitiv has helped us to streamline the process of implementing an automated FX workflow solution into five simple steps:​

1.    Get buy-in
2.    Know all exposures
3.    Create policies and a hedging strategy

4.    Set metrics​
5.    Instil governance​

​Our report explores this in detail, outlines the benefits of an automated treasury and risk management system and highlights some success stories of other corporate treasuries.

Expand your knowledge

Benefits of automation

Learn how you can save manhours, reduce risk, and become more efficient with an automated workflow solution.​

Implementation and integration​

Don’t know where to start when it comes to implementing automation solutions? Refinitiv has broken them down into 5 simple steps for you.​

Success stories​

More than 4,500 corporate treasury users access our automated workflow solutions – and with reason. Look at some successful case studies and find out how you can also benefit from automation.​