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2nd edition: Asia in focus

Belt and Road: An initiative in numbers

Better economics is reinvigorating China’s investment in Belt and Road projects.

Discover how economics is reinvigorating China’s ambitious plan to connect the Eurasia-African region in our new report

Refinitiv BRI database shows that the around 84 new projects related to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) were unveiled in July, valued at $52.54 billion. All told, our BRI database covers 2,951 Belt and Road projects valued at $3.87 trillion already underway across the wider Silk Road region, involving 2,630 companies.

In this white paper we explore how improved economics in Belt and Road countries, alongside supportive government policies in China, are driving more sustainable funding for infrastucture projects.

Access the full report to find out:

  • What new initiatives have been introduced to help small and medium enterprises leverage on BRI projects.
  • How China’s growing engagement with Southeast Asia could herald the next phase of growth for the region.
  • Which BRI investments in Southeast Asia are giving rise to huge opportunities in construction and real estate sectors.
  • How technology infrastructure is playing a big part in China’s ambitious Silk Road programme.

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Nigeria broke into the list of the top 10 nations that have the largest BRI-related investment, ousting Belarus.

Key data insights

Some of the valuable insights from this report:

84 new projects

related to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) unveiled in July.

$3.87 trillion value

across 2,951 projects already underway in the wider Silk Road region.

86% projects underway

of the of $3.87 trillion BRI projects that have been announced, compared to 76 percent at the end of April.