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Climate Risk Analytics

Sustainability trends and the automotive industry: Truckification and Electrification

Examine how the auto industry transformed over the last decade, why it matters, and if automakers are ready to once again transform their products to become a more sustainable industry.

Perhaps the single largest thematic issue associated with sustainable investing is climate change and the decarbonization of the economy needed to prevent the worst outcomes.

We have partnered with Constellation Research to conduct research on one of the most carbon intensive sectors, the automobile industry. We look at the dynamics between “truckification” and “electrification”, the two variables which have most impact the industry’s journey to decarbonization. 

In this report we focus on transition risk - the process of de-carbonizing the economy and risk of companies not de-carbonizing fast enough.

Within the report we forecast the direction for the next few years and – using Refinitiv’s extensive data, such as corporate carbon emissions, policies and targets – identify the likely leaders and laggards in the transition to a low carbon and prosperous future.

  • 28%
    of vehicles sold in 2019 were mid-to-large SUVs
  • 4.20%
    of mid-to-large SUVs sold in 2019 were alternative drive vehicles
  • 10
    of the automakers included in our analysis are presently at or near the 2 degrees trajectory to 2030
  • 8
    automakers are positioned to capture new alternative drive vehicle opportunities as the market shifts

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For investors, industry decarbonization plans have the potential to make or break long term investments. Failure to move capital to companies most likely to survive and thrive as economies decarbonize is both a risk and a missed opportunity.

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Climate Risk Analysis

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