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Deal Makers Sentiment Survey 2022

Our annual survey brings you an exclusive view into deal makers sentiment into 2022.

What do deal makers expect in 2022? 

Although COVID-19 continued throughout the globe in 2021, it appears inertia regarding the pandemic began to set in with deal makers. Instead, confidence was bolstered with the expectation that the growth seen last year will be sustained, if not stronger, in 2022. Over 471 deal makers participated in this year's survey, with greater positivity in their predictions than in 2021.

Explore the tabs below to find out the factors behind the overall bullish sentiment throughout global investment banking. 

Navigate the adjacent chart to see where our survey respondents work and their various job roles. 

2022 Deal Makers Sentiment Survey – findings

Explore the 7 key areas affecting the global investment banking community.


What did deal makers expect 2021 to bring?

Look back at the 2021 Deal Makers Sentiment Survey

After the unprecedented levels of capital markets activity during 2020 in response to the global pandemic, the world's deal-makers predicted 2021 would bring further growth in activity.

The task of corporate leaders is to identify potential and realise profit, by expanding into new markets, diversifying offerings and so growing revenues.

Key content


Deal makers predict average growth of nearly 10% in global M&A in 2022


Average volume growth is anticipated to be 8.2%


Financial and economic factors are expected to be key factors for global debt

Sustainable Finance

Almost 3/4 of deal makers say sustainable finance is important most or all of the time in deal making