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Deal Makers Sentiment Survey 2020

Refinitiv has launched the findings of our annual Deal Makers Sentiment survey, a broad global analysis of what deal makers expect from 2020

How does the deal making community feel about 2020? 

We interviewed senior deal makers in Q4 2019 to bring you the most comprehensive snapshot of sentiment in the deal making industry in 2020.

Refinitiv's annual Deal Makers Sentiment Survey results are now available, providing actionable insights based on the findings of 457 telephone-based interviews with senior deal makers.

The new findings unveil latest predictions, concerns and opportunities in the industry that consider key factors such as economic growth and government policy.

Download this report to discover:

  • What macro-economic and world events are most likely to influence deal making in 2020
  • M&A predictions for the upcoming year
  • Sentiment towards capital raising in 2020
  • The view from corporates for the year

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Our 2020 survey findings reveal a broadly positive trajectory, with expectations for growth widely held, particularly in M&A and debt issuance in Asia.

Key content


62% of deal makers believe European companies will be more attractive post Brexit

Corporates M&A Positivity

Corporations are more optimistic than investment banks and advisory firms

Equity and debt

The Americas are bullish on equity, while Asia is confident on debt