Deal Makers Sentiment Survey 2021

Our annual survey brings you an exclusive view into deal makers sentiment into 2021.

What do deal makers expect from 2021?

After the unprecedented levels of capital markets activity during 2020 in response to the global pandemic, one could be forgiven for expecting some mean-reversion in 2021. But the world’s deal makers would disagree. Our survey of over 460 deal makers found the expectation is for further growth in activity, or in the case of M&A, a full recovery.

We are delighted to provide insight into the 2021 expectations of deal makers. The results of our survey are the most comprehensive snapshot of how M&A and Capital Market professionals feel about the year ahead and where they expect growth and decline.

Key content


Deal makers predict 6% average growth in global M&A volume for 2021


The average predicted growth in ECM is 5.9%

Equity and debt

The Americas are bullish on equity, while Asia is confident on debt