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Thinking strategically about uncertainty and opportunity for fixed income

Investors and traders are unanimous about one thing – there is considerable uncertainty for the fixed income markets. Firms must strategically prepare their fixed income trading desks, middle office and back office to protect – and create – customer and shareholder value.

No amount of crystal ball gazing could have predicted the events of 2022. For fixed income traders and investors, this past year was certainly a challenging one. Surging inflation – driven by a range of factors, including increased geopolitical risk and supply chain disruption – translated into sharp interest rate rises. These hikes led to a rush out of fixed income and into cash.

What the rest of 2023 will bring is incredibly uncertain. Pessimists say we are in the first bear market for bonds for several decades and major economies are headed for low growth or recession. The optimists say that the remainder of 2023 will bring a more benign inflation – and therefore interest rate – environment, bringing a potential rise in demand for fixed income.

In this e-book we explore:

  • The impact of 2022 on fixed Income trading
  • Fixed Income trends in the future
  • How to plan for the future and thinking strategically about Fixed Income Data

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