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From information capture to advisor driven efficiency

Artificial Intelligence functions best as a tool for amplifying the capabilities of people. This is true particularly in the complex, service-driven culture of wealth management. From the advisor standpoint, artificial intelligence can help tackle challenges related to discovery and cognitive limits. Automating discovery through data mining and pattern recognition can help flag or highlight areas that the human advisor would not otherwise even consider. Ultimately, advisors will deploy the expanding array of AI-driven tools and analytics to add value to their client relationships, and gather insights on investor behaviour and investment decisions.  

Helping our clients stay on top of these trends and developments, Thomson Reuters has commissioned a new report from Celent titled, 'Putting the AI in Data', in which Senior Analyst William Trout, analyzes how technology related choices and the treatment of data will influence business outcomes, and ultimately improve those outcomes by aligning technological requirements.

The report explores:

  • Changes in data management by wealth management firms 
  • Data as a source of intelligence to wealth managers on investor behaviour  
  • The opportunities and limitations of several current AI technologies


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