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Strategies for Portfolio Risk Analysis

Your ultimate guide to analyzing And mitigating portfolio risk

Discover how to protect and control your portfolio during market volatility using portfolio risk analytics, from advanced stress-testing to portfolio optimization.

In turbulent times and moments of market volatility, portfolio risk analytics allow asset managers to delve into their holdings' vulnerabilities. 

We have put together the ultimate guide to portfolio risk analysis and portfolio risk management so you can navigate economic downturns and prepare for economic recovery.

You'll learn about:

  • Stress-testing best practices
  • Portfolio optimization techniques
  • Constructing an optimal portfolio 


When we talk about portfolio risk analysis and risk management, success comes down to the need to define what’s happening in the world at large. Incomplete scenarios can bring about misleading averages of contrasting real world regimes. It’s therefore imperative to examine the economic reasons for a shock and fully characterize those in the scenario.
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