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Innovation and the fight against financial crime

The importance of data, collaboration and technology to help fight financial crime.

How data and technology can turn the tide.

Last year’s global report on the true cost of financial crime revealed its impact, not just on companies and governments, but also the human victims exploited by criminal gangs which launder their gains through the financial system. This year we shift our focus onto another critical area, innovation – and reveal how emerging technologies and new collaborations are helping to turn the tide against financial crime.

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Maximizing the use of technology, trusted data and the expertize of people will help global business win the war on financial crime.

Key content

The need for innovation

72% of respondents say they were aware of financial crime taking place in their global operations over the last 12 months.

Drivers and blockers

82% say they are under pressure to be more innovative, yet 73% are struggling to harness technological advancements.

Unlocking the power of innovation

97% of respondents believe that technology can significantly help with financial crime prevention.