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Financial Crime in MENA Report 2019 

Welcome to the fifth annual edition of the MENA Financial Crime report from Refinitiv. In this edition of the report, our researchers take a closer look at the forces that have shaped today’s risk and compliance function and reveal the changing attitudes and responses to regulation and financial crime across the region.

Overview of MENA financial crime report

Our analysis of survey results point to a compliance function that is challenged by a continually evolving regulatory environment, increasingly turning to advanced technology as a method of coping with growing regulatory complexity. 

  • 58% said that they had embraced some form of innovative technology
  • 30% expect an increase in investment in technology over the next two years
  • 75% express high levels of confidence in their technology

The trend of increasing reliance on technology is expected to continue for some time as compliance executives seek greater analytical capability and data management to support critical decision making. 

Read about this overarching issue as well as other highlights from this year’s report


As a company, we will continue to support organizations with expert knowledge and innovative technology as they look to navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment. But our insights and knowledge go far beyond data and technology, we are committed to uncovering the true scale of the financial crime challenge, to raise awareness and create the data and coalitions that will increase our ability to fight financial crime together.

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