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FX and post-trade compliance

Managing electronic communications in a fragmented era

Managing to stay efficient and compliant in a fragmented era of electronic communications while global and regional regulatory requirements keep increasing is a challenge.

How do you manage data from multiple sources effectively and in a compliant way?

In an already challenging industry where FX traders deal around-the-clock, the global pandemic presents a new challenge – ensuring compliant processes in an era of fragmented systems. How can you ensure your business remains compliant when there are so many different channels and platforms to monitor? 

The sudden shift towards remote working brings with it enormous challenges in getting the underlying systems and processes in place to ensure business continuity in times of disruption. Managing communications in an effective and compliant way can be a massive undertaking for compliance and audit teams.

Forex traders are communicating, trading and leveraging data from multiple channels and platforms, leading to fragmented approaches to liquidity, technology and regulation while raising compliance risks for organizations across the globe.

As a response to these challenges, regulators have implemented multiple regulatory frameworks to ensure market participants are operating in a compliant way. Although frameworks can be challenging for organizations facing pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies, additional scrutiny is seen as the best approach to instilling confidence.

How can traders, as well as compliance and audit teams track, archive, analyze and report all electronic communications effectively?

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