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Braving the storms - United Kingdom and Europe

Insights from 2021 Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award winners for the United Kingdom and Europe.

Strategic insights from the 2021 winners of the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards for the United Kingdom and Europe

A record market crash. A record recovery. Record levels of market volatility. Undoubtedly, 2020 was a memorable year. This report catalogues the experiences of Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards winners from the United Kingdom and Europe. Exploring the strategies before and tactical moves during and after the crisis, it shares stories direct from on-the-ground executives who were responsible for navigating through the crisis, and ultimately outperforming their peers.

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Eight individual markets are discussed within. Similarities can be found between each of these, which is unsurprising given the global nature of our financial markets. Yet looking deeper, there are also unique traits that characterise each market. While such patterns may be coincidental, they underscore the saying ‘great minds think alike’, and highlight the close-knit nature of the fund management community in each market.

Each chapter documents market sentiment prior, amid and after the crash. The Europe chapter also focuses on broader themes, such as the role of passive and active management strategies, and the growing presence of sustainable investing.

Ultimately, the report’s aim is twofold: to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of the winning fund management companies (FMCs) — and to provide inspiring insights for peer fund managers and FMCs, both from across the region and further afield.


What the EMEA Funds 2021 report contains

Chapter 1

This year’s winners attributed their successes to a plethora of strategies and approaches to managing their respective funds and businesses.

Chapter 2

The security picks of this year’s winners were varied, combining both expected and surprising industries and companies.

Chapter 3

Adoption of ESG and sustainable investing is widespread among this year’s winners, even as concerns rise about greenwashing and a relative lack of measurability.

Chapter 4

A multitude of uncertainties await the US’ funds industry — as does a robust recovery.