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Fixed Income Data Series

Integrating a complex fixed income market

Even as electronification advances fixed income markets, new options help weave disparate solutions into a more cohesive market.

Technology is stepping up to optimize the benefits of electronification. 

The accelerating electronification of the fixed income space has delivered a welcome boost to efficiency levels, along with greater transparency, enhanced liquidity and the ability to glean critical analytical insights more quickly. 

Our latest report, produced in collaboration with Greenwich Associates, takes an in-depth look at how technology is helping to address the increasingly complex fixed income market. 

Accessing the right data presents a significant challenge to many market players. Data must be acquired from trading platforms, exchanges, market data aggregators, reference data providers, dealers and alternative data providers, to name just a few. Moreover, the number of trading platforms has also increased in recent years. All this adds up to a sizeable headache for fixed income professionals, who need to sort through more data to find quality data.    

Firms are now looking to drive efficiency with front-to-back trade automation and the use of APIs to deliver data directly into their systems. Not surprisingly, in-demand skillsets are similarly shifting. Data analysis, for example, is now predicted to be the most important trading desk skill for the next 3 to 5 years – beating out market, asset class or economic knowledge.   

As markets evolve, technology is stepping up to improve workflows by allowing various data feeds or platforms from different providers to operate together seamlessly. With an industry that is rapidly expanding both in scope and complexity, the key is to make it simpler for fixed income traders. 

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