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The Gold Standard of Wealth Management

The race for digital differentiation

The digital revolution that the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in has opened a window of opportunity for wealth firms but they will need to continue innovating to keep pace with digital experiences from other industries. 

With market volatility and accelerated digital transformation, wealth firms are under pressure to meet new expectations and provide a digital experience that helps investors and clients make sense of fast-moving markets.

In a recent survey with over 1000 self-directed and advisory clients across the globe we uncover the gaps and opportunities around the data, digital capabilities and insights they receive from wealth firms.  

Access the full report to find out:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted investor needs around digital capabilities and their digital experience
  • Why investor loyalty to their providers is weak and what firms should be doing to improve client relatiosnhips 
  • How investor appetite for more dynamic and relevant content has changed

Key insights


of investors globally give their platforms top scores for the digital experience


of investors say better integration of news updates is a key area for improvement by platforms


of investors use mobile applications to access their investments

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The consequences of COVID-19 have emphasized just how vital it is to have a robust, customer-centric digital experience enriched with deep insights and analytics. Rather than settling for digital transformation progress in 2020, platforms should set their sights higher and deliver a digital experience that really impresses.