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Commodities electronic trading

The digitization of commodities

How to stay competitive in a new market era.

Produced in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, this special report examines the accelerating trend toward the digitization of commodities trading.

Digital forces are disrupting industries worldwide, challenging traditional competitive advantages, reducing market inefficiencies and opening entry to new players.

This trend is now reshaping commodity trading. So much more information is available and accessible, and digital tools and analytics platforms are delivering the capabilities needed to process this data at speed. The result is unprecedented. Cross-commodity players are emerging to place their bets on the market faster.

Trading firms recognize that they can no longer ignore the transformations, but many are moving ahead without a clear vision of what it will take to remain competitive.

How can traders harness these market changes and embrace the opportunities they present?

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If the ultimate goal of the shareholders of a given commodity trading company is to maximize profits by maximizing revenue and minimizing costs, then, to stay ahead of the curve in a world where change is increasing both in speed and complexity, it is paramount to keep investing in best-of-class technology and data.

Discover the four stages of digitization

Electronic platforms and straight-through processing

Automation based on parametric algorithms

Data-driven assistance

Full automation