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    Money laundering through China —systemic weaknesses are facilitating global financial crime

    This article takes a look at the systemic weaknesses within China’s financial system that have been in the spotlight in recent years as a result of multiple money-laundering investigations spanning the globe. China has responded to increased pressure and criticism that the mainland is “becoming...

    The banking industry and crime

    Less than 1% of financial crime through the banking system is identified. The remainder creates waste for banks, destroys trust and negatively impacts society. This paper looks at the evolution of the relationship between banking and crime, including the history, the present and the potential...

    The emerging role of artificial intelligence in financial services

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once the domain of fanciful science fiction books and films, but now the technology has become commonplace. From driverless vehicles to virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, AI has become a part of everyday life. Now AI is having a significant impact on...

    Enterprise risk and strategic decision making — complex inter-relationships

    When making strategic decisions about the allocation of often limited resources, boards and senior managers must consider multiple corporate objectives as well as the portfolio of investment opportunities available. Enterprise Risk and the firm’s risk appetite are also key considerations.

    FRTB puts data demands on banks

    Of all the new incoming regulations, few will have a greater impact on financial institution’s trading business than Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB).The new FRTB requirements from Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) pertain to capital requirements for banks. In fact this...

    BCBS 239 — the starting line

    By seeing BCBS 239 as the starting line and not the finish line, banks will not only be better prepared to handle future market events, but will be able to do business differently.

    How mature is internal audit? A real-world analysis

    This whitepaper explores the results of our Internal Audit Maturity framework self-assessment survey. It shows that while significant progress has been made in the implementation of internal audit best practices, between one-quarter and one-third of internal audit teams struggle to implement...

    The UK Modern Slavery Act — unpacking the requirements for US-based multinationals

    This paper takes an in-depth look at the implications the UK Modern Slavery Act has for US based multinationals." />

    Operational risk quantification — scenarios

    Scenario analysis can be a useful, eye-opening experience for organizations attempting to understand some of the more challenging risks they face in their environment. However, performing a robust scenario analysis is not as easy as it looks at first blush. At the core of the difficulty is the...

    Digital innovation in client onboarding and KYC — in a digital world, don't get left behind

    A look at how the digital revolution has transformed our lives, and how digitalization has already made significant in-roads into the retail banking sector, with routine transactions being enhanced by applications like cardless and mobile payment options.