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How fintechs can address AML challenges

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A new white paper from Refinitiv unpacks the impact of post-Covid hyper-digitalisation on the financial service industry and looks at the five core elements crucial to building an effective AML framework.

Against this backdrop, several trends are unfolding within the industry.

Access the full paper to find out:

  •  What key trends are unfolding within the industry
  •  What regulatory developments are shaping the sector
  • The 5 core elements to building an effective AML framework
  • 1
    Customer onboarding
  • 2
    Ongoing monitoring
  • 3
    Transaction monitoring
  • 4
    Changing circumstances
  • 5
    Risk scoring

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The future lies in remote interactions across all industries. This includes the financial sector - and fintech will play a key role. Going forward, regulators will have to consider remote engagement as an integral part of the financial system, and one that requires a strict legal framework to avoid money laundering and financial crime

Key numbers

AI spending is forecast to double by 2024, growing from

$50.1 billion in 2020 to over $110 billion in 2024

AI market, including software, hardware and services, is forecast to grow to

$327.5 billion in 2021

The artificial intelligence market is forecast to grow to

$554.3 billion by 2024