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Understanding sanctions with the Global Sanctions Index (GSI)

Global Sanctions Index (GSI) is based on the deduplicated data from Refinitiv World-Check Risk Intelligence and covers the net increase in explicit sanctions on natural and legal persons from every known publicly available sanctions list globally. The index base date (when it equalled 100) is January 2017 and it is equally weighted across 183 countries and sanctions programmes.

In 2022, we published two previous editions of the Global Sanctions Index (GSI), introducing the concept of sanctions inflation - the annual increase in the total number of de-duplicated sanctioned persons on all explicit sanctions lists.

In this update, which draws on data to April 2023, we deliver a snapshot of the current sanctions landscape; provide an up-to-date view of the sub-indices we launched in August 2022 and provide insights into additional, often non-obvious risks associated with sanctioned persons.

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Sanctioned persons pose an obvious risk: in many cases, doing business with such a person is prohibited and carries the risk of potentially significant fines – or worse, reputational damage.


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