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Understanding sanctions with the Global Sanctions Index (GSI)

Global Sanctions Index (GSI) is based on the deduplicated data from Refinitiv World-Check Risk Intelligence and covers the net increase in explicit sanctions on natural and legal persons from every known publicly available sanctions list globally. The index base date (when it equalled 100) is January 2017 and it is equally weighted across 183 countries and sanctions programmes.

  • In April 2022 the Global Sanctions Index (GSI) stood at 255 and year-on-year inflation was 10.7% with over 47,000 persons (individuals and entities) sanctioned
  • Since January 2017, sanctions have increased by 255%
  • The volume of sanctions update activity was immense (over 15,000 updates in March and over 9,000 in April), but the total number of deduplicated sanctions nevertheless grew at a modest pace
  • Sanctions inflation costs are high – both to society and to institutions directly

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Sanctions inflation has been significant over the last five years, more than doubling in number while also becoming inherently much more complex. Although the consequences of sanctions inflation have not been widely discussed, they need to be. The costs to institutions and to society are substantial, and make a well-designed screening programme with good matching and reliable data absolutely critical.

Key numbers

Since January 2017 sanctions have increased by 255%

In 183 countries there is at least one sanctioned person

In 39 countries there are +100 sanctioned persons