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Global sustainable development white paper

Financial crime continues to ensure that our efforts miss the mark

It’s time to get serious about the threat to business and security.  In addition to environmental crime and wildlife trafficking, Green Crime also includes the flouting of regulations designed to prevent harm to the environment.  As such, it is closely linked to corruption, organized crime and money laundering.  It impacts supply chains, poses a danger to security around the world, and it threatens our ability to meet the sustainability goals set by the UN.

With regulatory and law enforcement bodies acknowledging the burgeoning threat, how is Refinitiv partnering with other organizations to create powerful tools to help disrupt criminal networks?

This Refinitiv white paper examines how the world can turn the tide, including through supply chain risk tools, ESG data, and greater collaboration.

Read the report to discover:

  1.  The growing trend of Green Crime into a global ‘industry’ worth up to $258 billion a year, and how wildlife crime is becoming a significant factor.
  2.  How Refinitiv’s unrivalled access to ownership data enables associated entities to be screened for potential risks, including those relating to Green Crime.
  3. Why formal due diligence checks at the onboarding stage is crucial and how organizations can disrupt the criminal networks to #FightFinancialCrime.