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Open identifiers

Sustainable stewardship of open identifiers

We assess recent trends in relation to open identifiers, governance considerations and investment required to create, assess, use and share sustainable identifiers.

Identifiers are part of how we make sense of the world and communicate, we consider how they can be created to last.

As the need to exchange and share data ever increases, so does the need by which all parties involved require the ability to uniquely reference an individual, salient thing in the real world. Identifiers are the mechanism used to do this, they are essential in providing reliable and shareable references to a specific object and in providing the anchor points that enable the ability to make connections between those objects.

In this paper we focus on governance and sustainability.

This paper is intended to help explain recent trends in relation to open identifiers, the considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding what level of governance to apply and the level of investment required so identifiers can be sustainably created, accessed, used and shared.

Download the paper for:

  • A consideration of the role of identifiers
  • Guidance and recommendations for the design of new identifier schemes
  • A review of recommendations of progress over the last six years
  • An exploration of factors that help make persistent identifiers schemes sustainable

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