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Personalised Wealth Management

The power of personalisation in wealth management 

Today's consumers are more likely to engage with product and service providers who can personalise their experience. This is more relevant than ever for wealth management providers. 

The wealth management industry is changing and the shift to more digitally focused relationships can make it difficult to personalise and differentiate the client experience. 

In this paper, we look at how wealth firms can address the growing need for personalisation by using new techniques and developing strategies to better understand and serve their customers. 

By leveraging differentiated data such as demographic, psychographic, transactional and behavioural, providers can create unique personas that, combined with digital tools and communication channels, can help attract and retain more customers. 

Access the full paper to find out:

  • Why personalisation is such a powerful factor in todays digital world
  • What strategies and techniques firms can use to better understand their customers
  • How wealth firms can attract and retain more customers with the right data and digital tools
  • 37%
    of investors globally give their wealth providers top scores for the digital experience
  • 35%
    of consumers purchases on Amazon come directly from its ability to provide personalised recommendations
  • 80%
    of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalised experience

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Wealth providers, now more than ever, need to ensure they are delivering the data, tools and online experiences in order to build loyal client relationships as expectations continue to accelerate in the digital age.