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    Synthetic Reality: Synthetic market data generation at scale using agent based modeling

    Discover agent Based Modeling (ABM) and how it offers advances over traditional model testing applications in the financial markets.

    ESG Investing in Asia

    ESG investing in Asia is financing a more sustainable future. Read the latest report from Refinitiv to find out how companies in Asia are performing in ESG.

    Technology in 2024 | Future of trading

    How will automation trading, artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics impact your trading desk?

    The rise of data analytics in trading

    What data types are most important to traders? Discover the rise of alternative data and finance data aggregation.

    The digitization of commodities

    This report examines the accelerating trend toward the digitization of commodities trading, including the rise of electronic trading and automated trading.

    Corporate governance analysis

    Find analysis on whether corporate governance changes have an impact on companies’ environmental and social performance.

    Treasury management and FX workflow automation

    Discover how automated FX workflows enhance corporate treasury management to give you a competitive advantage.

    Innovation and the fight against financial crime

    Global report reveals how innovation, emerging technologies, and new collaborations are helping to turn the tide against financial crime

    OFAC sanctions and the 50% rule

    Are all your risk-bases covered? This Expert Talk looks at sanctions against Venezuela and what organizations can do to avoid falling foul of the regulators.

    Refinitiv awards

    Recognition for excellence in business and marketing