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    True cost of financial crime – Sub-Saharan Africa focus

    Financial crime is multi-faceted, multi-national and very often invisible, making it hard to identify, measure and combat. Its impact is felt in many ways. At Refinitiv we are committed to uncovering the true scale of the financial crime challenge, to raise awareness and create the data and...

    World-Check Customer Risk Screener — meeting your needs for an easier screening solution

    View this infographic to understand, at a glance, how the world is evolving for internal auditors today. The pressures on organizations are changing, and so as they adapt, so too much the internal audit team.

    Money laundering through China —systemic weaknesses are facilitating global financial crime

    This article takes a look at the systemic weaknesses within China’s financial system that have been in the spotlight in recent years as a result of multiple money-laundering investigations spanning the globe. China has responded to increased pressure and criticism that the mainland is “becoming...

    Are cryptocurrencies playing into the hands of money launderers?

    As the global use of cryptocurrencies continues to gather momentum, this Expert Talk examines what the potential risks and implications for compliance professionals are and how they can stay a step ahead.

    The banking industry and crime

    Less than 1% of financial crime through the banking system is identified. The remainder creates waste for banks, destroys trust and negatively impacts society. This paper looks at the evolution of the relationship between banking and crime, including the history, the present and the potential...

    Enhanced Due Diligence — source of wealth reports for the gaming industry

    In a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, gambling operators can expect their anti-money laundering controls to come in for sharper scrutiny. Successfully identifying the sources of a customer’s wealth allows operators to mitigate risks associated with financial crime.

    Can technology successfully tackle financial crime?

    This article from Bob Schukai takes a look at how technology has been shaping our world and how it could be a useful tool in the fight against financial crime.

    Iran and P5+1 JCPOA rendered fragile on the second year of implementation

    This article takes a look back at 2017, the second year of implementation for the Iran and P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was a mix of highs and lows especially for Iran and the U.S.

    Breaking down Enhanced Due Diligence reports

    For nearly two decades, we have consistently delivered superior EDD services. Find out more about how our Thomson Reuters Enhanced Due Diligence reports are put together and the detailed information they contain here.

    KYC challenges in 2017 — a focus on the impact of global regulations in the United States

    An independent 2017 survey discussing the real impact of global changes in Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation on both financial institutions and their corporate clients.