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    ESG Investing in Asia

    ESG investing in Asia is financing a more sustainable future. Read the latest report from Refinitiv to find out how companies in Asia are performing in ESG.

    The rise of the data scientist

    As machine learning in financial services matures and data scientists adopt a more strategic role, new research from Refinitiv reveals how firms are doubling down on their investments to gain an edge.

    Managing electronic communications in a fragmented era

    How to manage data from multiple sources effectively and in a compliant way?

    Why operational resilience is now essential for the trading business

    Learn more about how a strategic approach to operational resilience, particularly for market data and analytics, can boost agility and competitiveness for trading teams.

    Climate Risk Analytics in the Auto Industry

    Read the latest report from Refinitiv to find out how sustainability trends like electronification and truckification are shaping the automotive industry.

    The value of data in an age of uncertainty

    We look at the imperative for companies to harness data from social sentiment analysis to COVID cases and shipping forecasts to navigate the post-pandemic economy.

    Will machines replace traders? | Future of Trading

    The future of trading will be a true merger of the best of both human and machine, with traders and machines working together.

    Treasury management and FX workflow automation

    Discover how automated FX workflows enhance corporate treasury management to give you a competitive advantage.

    Dealmakers Sentiment Survey

    Refinitiv’s Dealmakers Sentiment Survey provides an assessment of Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets activity for the year ahead, across all major sectors and geographies.

    Defining fixed income data

    In this report, we take a comprehensive look at all the fixed income data that is out there, and explore current trends and challenges in the fixed income space