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    StarMine Combination Model Performance in Down Markets

    This research paper explores the multiple benefits of factor diversification offered by StarMine combination models help investors to ride out volatile markets.

    ESG Social Metrics

    Read our white paper to find out the five common myths related to the "S" in ESG and learn practical ways to improve social metrics in investment analysis.

    Exploring the political consequences of higher inflation through the lense of polling surprises

    We explore the wider consequences of inflation by analysing of the nature of the relationship between inflation and household sentiment

    Volatility and the Sharpe Ratio in the Equity Markets in the Covid-19 Era

    This paper investigates stock returns and the Sharpe Ratio for the period of 2020-2021 in the United States and other geographic regions around the world.

    The Power of Personalisation in Wealth Management

    In this paper, we look at how wealth firms can address the growing need for personalisation by using new techniques and developing strategies to better understand and serve their customers.

    Wealth Solution Research Report 2023

    Check out our latest research that highlights wealth solutions that investors want - from digital assets to index strategies to gather investment information.

    The Performance of Refinitiv StarMine Credit Risk Models

    The StarMine Credit Risk Models significantly outperform the Altman Z-Score in predicting the probability of default or bankruptcy globally within one year.

    Does board centrality predict future financial performance?

    Read Refinitiv's report exploring whether firms with board members that are simultaneously on several corporate boards perform best.

    How to build portfolios with macro-conditional market regimes

    Download report on building portfolios with macro-conditional market regimes. This research provides a detailed exploration of relationships between data series.

    Identifying Resilient Companies in a Financial Crisis

    This research describes a study on predicting the profitability of companies during a financial crisis and recovery.