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    News Sentiment and Investor Behavior

    Using Refinitiv News Analytics over monthly horizons, analysts consider the impact of trailing news sentiment on investment behavior. Download the report.

    Wealth Solution Research Report 2023

    Check out our latest research that highlights wealth solutions that investors want - from digital assets to index strategies to gather investment information.

    FRTB puts data demands on banks

    Of all the new incoming regulations, few will have a greater impact on financial institution’s trading business than Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB).The new FRTB requirements from Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) pertain to capital requirements for banks. In fact this is a

    COP26: Tackling Climate Change By the Numbers

    A data-driven approach to COP26’s ambitious agenda will open insights into how major sectors like financial markets could contribute to reach net-zero target.

    Getting Personal in Wealth Management - Report

    This paper examines key steps wealth firms can take to re-evaluate their strategy and personalise the client experience

    True cost of financial crime

    Financial crime is multi-faceted, multi-national and very often invisible, making it hard to identify, measure and combat. Its impact is felt in many ways. In our 2018 independent survey, we reveal the scale of the challenge, we measure the impact it has on business, society and people, and we

    ESG Score VS Financial Performance

    This whitepaper looks at the relationships between Refinitiv combined ESG scores for large cap firms and their financial performance.

    Machine learning with sentiment analysis

    Read the latest report from Refinitiv on machine learning with news sentiment analysis for financial markets and stock market trading.

    Fines for banks that breached US sanctions

    A survey of fines for banks spanning more than ten years

    Fair Valuations: What Lies Beneath

    Download our latest whitepaper to discover what are the key valuation measurement challenges, especially when it comes to hard-to-value, illiquid instruments?