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    Counting the global loss of financial crime

    The true cost of financial crime extends far beyond pure economics. Critical social and humanitarian consequences impact the lives of millions of individuals across the globe on a daily basis. Download this interactive infographic to see crime segments compared and to better understand the potential

    OFAC sanctions and the 50% rule

    Are all your risk-bases covered? This Expert Talk looks at sanctions against Venezuela and what organizations can do to avoid falling foul of the regulators.

    KYC compliance — the rising challenge for financial institutions and corporates

    A year on from our last survey, and despite the fact that financial institutions (FIs) are continuing to invest significant resources in KYC, the compliance challenge appears to be increasing.

    True cost of financial crime

    Financial crime is multi-faceted, multi-national and very often invisible, making it hard to identify, measure and combat. Its impact is felt in many ways. In our 2018 independent survey, we reveal the scale of the challenge, we measure the impact it has on business, society and people, and we

    Trading the Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift

    This research paper combines PEAD signals with the StarMine’s Analyst Revisions Model to represent a more complete picture of the quarterly earnings cycle.

    Exploring the Impact of Covid-19 on Corporate Credit

    We use the Refinitiv StarMine Structural Credit Risk model to analyse how the pandemic impacted the credit of different geographic regions

    Sustainable Stewardship of Open Identifiers

    Read Refinitiv's white paper assessing recent trends in relation to open identifiers, focusing on governance and sustainability considerations.

    Portfolio Selection: Return, Risk and Sustainability

    Download the latest research paper on investigating how a stock portfolio can be chosen to represent a significant improvement in terms of sustainability.

    Global sustainable development

    We examine the threat of environmental crime to business and security, and how to mitigate using supply chain risk tools, ESG data, and greater collaboration.

    StarMine Combined Credit Risk (CCR) Model

    StarMine Combined Credit Risk model enhances equity portfolios by analysing the interaction between StarMine Credit Risk and StarMine Value-Momentum models.