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    The value of alternative data: the case for media sentiment

    Explore the value of alternative data and media sentiment in the investment process using Refinitiv white paper. Access the full report now.

    Effective third-party risk strategy in uncertain times

    Download our white paper to find out how building an effective third-party risk strategy can be the key to survival in uncertain times.

    ESG Score VS Financial Performance

    This whitepaper looks at the relationships between Refinitiv combined ESG scores for large cap firms and their financial performance.

    How to spot a cop-out at COP26

    What credible steps, consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C, could we see from the output of COP26?

    The First Step in Third-Party Risk Management

    Our Third-Party Onboarding and Risk Management Survey asked respondents how essential a third-party compliance onboarding process is to their companies.

    Incorporating ESG into investment strategies

    Download our white paper on incorporating ESG considerations in to multi-factor investment strategies, and gain detailed research on investment trends.

    Adding sentiment to multi-factor equity strategies

    We investigate relationships between sentiment-based and traditional factor strategies and show that sentiment offers a signal not provided by traditional factors.

    Sukuk Perceptions and Forecast Study 2021: Thriving Amidst Uncertainty

    Learn more about Refinitiv’s 2021 Sukuk survey on market perceptions of future growth , trends and continuing challenges facing both sukuk investors & issuers.

    Machine learning with sentiment analysis

    Read the latest report from Refinitiv on machine learning with news sentiment analysis for financial markets and stock market trading.

    Fair Valuations: What Lies Beneath

    Download our latest whitepaper to discover what are the key valuation measurement challenges, especially when it comes to hard-to-value, illiquid instruments?