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Risk and compliance

Digital identity solutions

We provide digital identity solutions to remotely onboard your customers, verify identity and ensure documents are not falsified.

Digital identification or “Digital ID” can be authenticated unambiguously through a digital channel, unlocking access to banking, government benefits, education, and many other critical services.

To unlock the potential value of digital transformations, public and private sectors must broadly adopt sound digital ID programs, seeking not just competitive advantage, efficiency and cost savings but enabling access to new unexplored markets - critical to inclusive financial growth.

How we help

Digitization of KYC onboarding and verification processes

We provide individual identity verification solutions and know your customer (KYC) checks during the customer onboarding processs, utilising liveness technology and document authentication capabilities, along with risk screening powered by over 100 trusted and independent data sources spanning 35 countries.

Our solutions are designed to help you to quickly implement effective remote oboarding to keep ahead of this momentous shift towards digital - so you can retain revenue, improve efficiency, and provide a frictionless user experience for your end-users.


Why our solutions are used worldwide

Faster turnaround times

Using our digital identity solutions can accelerate your pace of business, benefit all stakeholders, and allow you to onboard and service more customers, more efficiently.

Improved accuracy

Human error is unavoidable in manual identity procedures. Our digital onboarding technology is designed to reduce manual keying errors, ultimately leading to better compliance.

Better customer experience

Our digital identity verification ensures faster turnaround times, reduces touchpoints and offers a seamless digital experience - all contributing to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Streamlined costs

Our digital solutions increase efficiency over manual equivalents - freeing up resouces whilst providing cost savings.

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Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor a digital identity solution to help solve your specific needs.